iCleanZone for Industry

iCleanZone® Removes and Contains Dirt in its Place – Off your Floors!

Your company’s image and personal pride in the workplace and care for the facilities is often tied to how well maintained you keep the workplace – including the floors. iCleanZone® removes, contains and prevents dust and dirt from entering in your plant or warehouse. The contamination of dust and dirt inside the plant or warehouse is often contributed from vehicle tires such as forklifts, cars, trucks, trolley wheels and the shoes soles of foot traffic and others. The result of dust and dirt contamination affects the health of your employees and interfere with the electronic and mechanical equipment and any stored items inside your plant or warehouse which will prevent your industrial facility running smoothly. iCleanZone®can be an integral part of preventative maintenance and improving employees health and morale. iCleanZone® is a best practice that combines environmental sensitivity with good business sense.



  • Non-electrical debris removal and collecting system
  • Complete stainless steel construction
  • Standard bin size
  • Available in two configurations:
  • Recessed in floor
  • Above floor with ramps
  • Engineered for total weight capacity up to 20 Tons
  • Suitable for all vehicles and other wide range of applications
  • Stripes of special heavy duty Nylon brushes set at opposite directions to ensure proper removal of debris from contacting surfaces
  • Grid with integrated brushes can be removed to clean falling debris inside the container


  • Provides superior method for keeping factories and warehouses clean from heaviest forklift traffic
  • Captures and contains dirt, dust and other foreign objects before entering the plant or warehouse
  • Saves time & money while improving your company image & quality
  • Keeps your workplace safe and clean
  • Keeping your workplace clean is the key to safety
  • The safest workplace is a clean workplace
  • Improves your employees health and morale
  • Provides the best practice that combines environmental sensitivity with good business sense
  • Available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week

Download the iCleanZone Brochure [PDF, 1.5 MB]

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