ULV Sprayer Cold Fogger

Electrostatic Sanitizer

ULV Sprayer Cold Fogger BROAD USAGE – Ideal for indoor/outdoor, Homes, Offices, Cars, Trains, Airplanes, Hotels, Shopping Malls, Restaurants, Hospitals, Doctor Offices, School, Theaters, Farms, Gardens, Warehouse, Factories , Pet Animal Health Centers and other places that require disinfection.

ULV Cold Fog Sprayer

FLEXIBLE TO USE – This electrostatic fogger sprayer is equipped with a long and flexible hose which makes it easier to fog anywhere within about 5-25 ft from the end of the hose.

ULV Cold Fogger using the high-power universal motor. The rotation of the fan blades to generate high-speed rotary cutting air. At the same time, the motor increases the pressure of the solution and send them to the confluences of the well designed nipple and the high-speed air. The combined effect of the high-speed rotary cutting air and the special-structured nipples resulted in the solution splits in to small fog droplets.

Features small intensity, high efficiency, spraying over ten thousand square feet in ten minutes. Centrifugal rotating sprayer, no blocking, droplet size is adjustable. Meet all kinds of sanitary infection demands, including in poultry house.

Voltage: 110V-50HZ
Power: 1000W
Tank Capacity: 5 Liters (5.25 qt)
Spraying Volume: 470ml/minute (adjustable)
Droplet Size: 10-150 μm
Effective Range: 6-8 m (20 – 25 Feet)
Net Weight: 5.7 lbs.
Gross Weight: 8 lbs.
Measurement: 22.5 long X 10” X 13”

Unit Price: $295.00

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Technologies are designed to atomize the disinfectant with a micron size >20-50 μm when applied to surfaces and will mitigate the virus in 2+ minutes with proper dwell time, depending on the product. Disinfectants have a variety of chemistries and the dwell time will vary.